‘Worldle’ Is The ‘Wordle’ That Proves You Suck at Geography – Technology


You’ve played Wordle, but have you ever heard of Worldle? Confusing names, I know, but Worldle is a daily guessing game that focuses on countries, not words. And unless you’re a geography genius, it will make you question all those years you spent in school.

The premise behind Worldle is simple. Each day, the Worldle website shows you the silhouette for a new country. You have six chances to guess the correct country, and thankfully, you get a few hints along the way.

A close-up of Worldle's entry table, which tells you how close your guesses are.

Every time you guess a wrong country, Worldle tells you how far it is from the target country in both kilometers and percentage points. It also shows a small arrow icon to indicate where the correct country is located (relative to the location of the incorrect country that you guessed).

And if you’re a geography sadist, you can play around in Worldle’s settings to hide the target country’s silhouette or make the silhouette rotate with every incorrect guess. Personally, I have enough trouble with the game, so I refuse to enable these options.

You can play Worldle on your computer or phone’s browser. Or, add it to your phone’s home screen for a more app-like experience.

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