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Wenston responded to this: “I don’t think about the new show wall, I was a football baseball at the same time. This is my first time I am concentrated on the four defense, so I am very Excited. I can work so concentrated and professional to grind my movement, my speed and other related things. I am just very excited. “

Champion Xiu Wenston says he is not afraid of the new show wall

Tampawan pirate rookie quartz, Jameis Winston, as this year’s championship, has received wide attention from people, and his performance in the field during the university, many people see the decline. The performance of his new season, the NFL official website media man Mike Mike Mayock asked whether to adapt to wholesale nfl jerseys‘s rhythm in the local time on Wednesday, there is no “new show wall”.

As for Jameis Winston? Not so fast. The score of the four-point guards in Florida State University was 4 seconds, although he ran more than Mario Taga slowly, but did not expect so much. In contrast, the 40-yard sprint speed of the body measurement camp is the fastest offensive front line player. The results from Ali Marpet (Ali Marpet) from the Hobt College is almost the same 4 seconds.

Mario Tag became the fastest quartz of this year’s physical measurement.

Former Oregon University, Marcus Marcus Mariota ran out of 4 seconds 52 in the 40-yard sprint project of cheap nfl Jerseys body, which is the shortest time in quartz, proves this. Bits may be the best quadruple players this year, the fastest quarter-off.

Each player who participates in the project will have two opportunities and will finally take the better results. The Mario Tower has once a result is 4 seconds 56, and the other achievement of Winston is 4 seconds 99.

However, the US Time Thursday gave a penalties and will give the punishment of Sherman’s $ 9,000. Shelman’s income was $ 15 million. Obviously 9,000 US fines were unsaudited, but there were few players who did not receive illegal penalties after they were fined, and the US time Monday did not Sherman’s behavior gives new comments.

For many years, the Mayo of the team has been awarded that the location of Dongguang has included the East Tower – Heili (A Hightower) and Jamie Collins without a first qualification. In 16 regular seasons, Meio’s first 8 games, played in 36.7%, got 47 hugs and 1 time. He finally lived in the event of this season after the 2013 season and the 2014 season.

Patriot line Wei Meio is placed in the injury reserve list

After the injury in Jerod Mayo, he defeated the shoulders of the Kansas City chief, according to the informed person, the new England Patriots will be placed in the injury reserve list. The 29-year-old will be injured in the third section of the game.

Atlanta Falcon fired the coach Dan – Quin and the team general manager Thomas Dimitlov

The coach Dan-Quin is a full-burden of 5 full-burden on the sixth season of the Falcon, and his ending of his coaching career in Atlanta.

Richard-Shelman was fined $ 9,000 due to hitting players

Seattle Hawks’ corner Wei Richard Sherman seems to have can’t escape the punishment of the alliance in the fetch of the game against the battleford.

The team boss Arthur – Brack said: & quot; this decision is very difficult, but the past two seasons, and the new season for this team, it is really sad. . I am very respectful of Dan, Thomas and their families. They have given all their own for this team for several years. However, well known, football is a movement of the results, and the fans are the most expecting to win. So it is time to replace the coach group and management. & quot;

At the time, Bill tried to try 3 shots, Sherman moved in advance, the arm blocked Dan Carpenter, the result is that the behavior of Shelman was sentenced to the site, Cagpete was injured, Bill The second shot is still biased.

The team said in the statement: Chairman and CEO Richard – McKai will take over the day-to-day operations of the team, and the temporary coach will be announced on Monday in the US time. At the same time, the team will also start looking for new coach selection.

After a large number of public opinion supports the punishment of Shelman, people think that such behavior should not appear on the court. Because the playback of the video can be seen that Sherman is positioned to the knee position of Kakart, this is at least 15 yards of the penalty, but actually the referee only gives 5 yards.

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