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Is your keyboard comfortable to use all day long? Is typing feel effortless and your time on the computer enjoyable? Here’s when you might want to consider replacing your old keyboard.

Heavy Keys

If you do a lot of typing in a day, especially if it’s for work, having light keys to type on is key. When your keys feel stiff or difficult to press down, typing starts to feel like a chore.

For those who own mechanical keyboards, you’ll know how easy and seamless it feels to type on one. With almost no pressure, you feel as if you’re able to type at lightning speed without any strain on your fingers. These types of keyboards are perfect for fast typists or anyone who values an enjoyable typing experience.

So, if you ever feel like your keyboard is giving you a hard time to type after a while, or if it just feels uncomfortable to use, consider getting an upgrade. Your hands will happily thank you, and it’ll feel better writing up documents, surfing the web, or playing your favorite games.

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Uncomfortable Typing Experience

Keyboards come in many different sizes and with different layouts. Going from the largest to smallest, there are full-size, 1800 compact, 96%, tenkeyless (80%), 75%, 65%, 60%, 50%, and 40% keyboards. The smaller the keyboard, the fewer keys it has. For example, a full-size keyboard has 104 keys, whereas a 60% keyboard has 61 keys.

The size and layout of your keyboard will impact your typing experience. However, this is very dependent on the person. Some people may find a smaller keyboard to be more comfortable to use for long hours. Whereas another person might find it less comfortable and want more space.

Some prefer having all the keys attached, including the number pad, arrow keys, and function keys. Others may only want the primary keys. Depending on what’s best for you, you may find another keyboard to be much more comfortable to use in terms of size and layout. You’ll greatly benefit by upgrading to one keyboard that’s perfectly comfortable for you. Or better yet, customize one to your liking.

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Broken Keys

One of our biggest nightmares is dealing with a keyboard where some of the keys have stopped working properly. You tried replugging it into your computer to no avail. Whether you spilled coffee on the keys or smashed them while rage gaming, a keyboard with broken keys is not fun to use.

We’re not talking about worn-out keys where the engraved letter is barely visible. We’re talking about keys not inputting on your computer, getting stuck when pressed down, or popping off while typing.

Yes, there are ways to work around broken keys and switches, and you may simply need to update your drivers. In fact, you should give it a try before deciding to replace your entire keyboard, especially if the keyboard you have was expensive. However, if you’re not into repairing the board, using software to remap keys, or swapping keycaps, buying a new keyboard might be the best option. But don’t forget to check if you’re still under warranty to get a free replacement!

Too Noisy

Although some people may enjoy the clicking sound while typing, it can be irritating to others. This is especially true if you’re typing in a quiet environment, such as during the night. If your keyboard is becoming too noisy for yourself or other people’s comfort, try silencing the keys or consider getting a replacement.

There are many different types of keyboards with varying levels of noise. For example, mechanical keyboards are known for being quite clicky and on the louder side. However, there are now quieter mechanical switches that have been designed for a stealthier typing experience. Meanwhile, some membrane or rubber dome keyboards are designed to be as quiet as possible.

There are definitely many options out there for those who need or prefer a silent typing experience. Remember to make sure the keyboard is still comfortable to use, rather than just being quiet.

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