The Latest LEGO Set Turns ‘Starry Night’ Into 3D Brick Art – Technology

A close-up of the LEGO Starry Night set.

One of the most impressive LEGO Ideas candidates is now coming to life. Designed by Truman Cheng, the LEGO Starry Night set turns Van Gogh’s classic painting into a piece of 3D brick art. If you thought Starry Night was trippy, wait until you see it with depth!

The LEGO Starry Night set measures 12 inches tall, 15 inches wide, and 5 inches deep. It’s made of 2316 bricks, including several painted bricks that mimic the look of brush strokes. Plus, the set comes with a cute Van Gogh minifig and tiny Starry Night canvas!

A close-up of the Van Gogh minifig that comes with the LEGO Starry Night set.

The thing that really impresses me about this Starry Night set, aside from the awesome colors, is the detail of the tiny houses and trees. They poke out the bottom of this “painting,” adding a strong sense of depth that the original Starry Night intentionally lacks.

I should note that LEGO worked with MOMA (home of Starry Night) to perfect this set. It also comes with hardware for hanging on your wall, though it can sit on a shelf or desk if that’s what you’d prefer.

LEGO’s Starry Night set costs $170 and goes on sale June 1st (alongside the Optimus Prime set). If you’re a LEGO VIP member, you can buy it on May 25th.

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