Studio Display hits all-time low price – Technology

On Monday you can find every model of Apple’s popular-but-pricey midrange monitor on sale at Best Buy and get $300 off Studio Display. That makes for the lowest price yet on the standard glass version with tilt-adjustable stand. And it’s one of the best deals you’ll find on the more-expensive Nano-texture glass versions, even with the height-adjustable stand.

Get $300 off Studio Display now at Best Buy

Users love the 27-inch Studio Display, with its brilliant 5K resolution and easy usability in the Apple ecosystem, whether they’re driving it with a MacBook or any of Apple’s desktop computers, Mac mini, Mac Studio or Mac Pro. Studio Display may not be up to the standards of the 6K, 32-inch Pro Display XDR, but it’s still excellent.

The monitor becomes even better with premium Nano-texture glass, which reduces glare. And you can also pay extra for the stand that is height-adjustable as well as tilt-adjustable, or you can choose a VESA mount adapter.

Whichever version they pick, users tend to grouse about one thing the most: the monitor’s steep price. But with Best Buy’s sale, you can save $300 off Studio Display (any model). That’s a significant deal.

Choose any version among these sale items

Here are your picks, in order from lowest to highest price, and all $300 off:


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