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Three-wheel delivery electric vehicle

The Oregon-based mobility company Arcimoto makes all sorts of three-wheel EVs, from its Fun Utility Vehicles (FUVs) to tricycles. And now, thanks to a partnership with the urban e-bike brand JOCO, soon you’ll see its FUVs all over New York City.

What makes the Arcimoto FUVs popular is the versatility of the platform. They can be used as commuter vehicles, emergency response EVs, and much more. However, Arcimoto’s weird, fast, fun little three-wheeled FUVs will become delivery vehicles.

The e-bike brand JOCO already has roughly 2,000 electric bikes throughout NYC, available at more than 50 hubs, and it’s about to get bigger. JOCO ordered an entire fleet of Arcimoto’s FUV “Deliverator,” which removes all the extras and turns it into a single-seater built for delivery services.

While e-bikes are great for individual food couriers, being able to rent a large FUV capable of a longer range, 75-mph speeds, and can store far more products will be good for everyone. Basically, gig drivers can make more money by traveling further and faster and delivering more goods to end-users.

According to Electrek, while the Arcimoto FUVs can reach speeds of 75mph, we doubt they’ll be traveling that fast throughout New York City. However, the electric three-wheelers have a range of 102 miles per charge, meaning most gig drivers shouldn’t have to charge it throughout a work-day of deliveries.

It’s also worth mentioning that these are far smaller than your typical car or van, meaning they’ll be easier to park on the busy streets of Manhatten. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Arcimoto’s FUVs are available for consumer purchase in NYC, at least not yet. However, soon you’ll be able to rent one through JOCO.

Autonomous and electric vehicles for delivery services are a popular trend throughout the United States, and we expect to see more of the same in the coming years.

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