Notes on select winners from EPICA Awards 2021 – Advertise

Epica Awards are ‘creative prizes judged by journalists‘. I have been a keen follower of the awards over the years (see here) as one gets to see non-English work from several European countries (among others) across interesting categories such as media innovation and product design. The 2021 winners of Epica Awards have been announced. Here is a selection of work which caught my eye:

SingleCut Beersmiths : the IPA that will teach you guitar

Alcohol advertising (where allowed) is mostly full of cliches. In markets such as India where ‘surrogate’ advertising is allowed it borders on the ridiculous. In that context it is refreshing to see a a US-based craft brewery company, SingleCut Beersmiths invest in an integrated idea which is just beyond creating an ad. The released specially made beer cans which have basic chord-shapes etched on them so one has to simply grip the can the right way to learn. The can had a link to Snapchat AR for live demos and an injection-moulded pick doubled up as a can opener too. It was all thought through right to the packaging.

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