Leak shows iPhone 16 Pro’s battery with a metal shell – Technology

Apple might adopt a new design for the iPhone 16 Pro’s battery featuring a metal shell on top. This could help with heat dissipation.

Like current iPhones, the pictured iPhone 16 Pro’s battery has an L-shaped design with a capacity of 3,355mAh. For comparison, the iPhone 15 Pro uses a 3,274mAh capacity cell.

iPhone 16 Pro’s battery could use a metal backplate

The early-stage iPhone 16 Pro’s prototype battery was shared by leaker Kosutami on X. Apple has so far used a foil covering on iPhone batteries. A metal plate could help to dissipate the generated heat better while topping up the cell. There’s also a redesigned connector, though that’s unlikely to have any user-facing changes.

Apple has typically relied on more efficient chips, displays, and other components, along with a slight boost in battery capacity to make iPhones last longer. So, the modest capacity bump in the iPhone 16 Pro’s battery over the iPhone 15 Pro should not be a cause for concern.

A metal backplate could help with better heat dissipation

iPhone 15 Pro users initially complained of heating issues caused by an underlying iOS 17 bug. Apple fixed the problem to a great extent with iOS 17.0.2. But these phones still get warmer than usual when fast charging. A metal backplate could help remedy this problem on the iPhone 16 Pro.

Better heat management could also enable Apple to give the iPhone 16 Pro’s charging speeds a slight boost.

The iPhone 16 Pro is still 10 months away from launch. And since its components are still in the prototype stage, a lot could change by the time they are finalized for mass production. Rumors indicate the iPhone 16 Pro might house a larger 6.2x-inch display, while the iPhone 16 Pro Max could sport a 6.9-inch panel.

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