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Disney+ charges just $8 a month for its service, making it one of the cheapest streaming platforms available today. Still, the company plans to launch an even cheaper ad-supported plan later this year. The company promises that this plan will go light on the ads, and in an odd twist, some viewers won’t see any ads!

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, Disney+’s upcoming ad-supported plan will only show four minutes of commercials for every hour of view time. That’s nearly half the number of ads you’ll see on Hulu’s ad-supported plan, which is a bit funny, as Disney owns Hulu.

But more notably, Disney vows to never show advertisements on “preschool” profiles. This likely extends from both legal and social concerns—while advertising to children is perfectly legal, a company cannot collect data on children under the age of 13 without their parent or guardian’s permission. Disney probably wants to avoid the problem altogether, saving parents from any worry.

Disney’s President of Advertising, Rita Ferro, is very explicit with the company’s intentions. She states that Disney will never “collect data on individual kids to target them.” It’s a strong stance that should appeal to most parents, which is great for Disney, as it means that more kids will become familiar with the brand’s intellectual property (which should pay off in the long run, as young Disney fans will beg for merchandise, movie tickets, trips to Disney World, and so on).

But what if you’re an adult who wants to watch ad-free Disney movies on the cheap? Well, you’ll get something good out of this. Classics like Toy Story and Finding Nemo are included in Disney+’s preschooler catalog.

We still aren’t sure when Disney+ will launch its ad-supported tier. Pricing is also unknown. That said, recent comments at an earnings call suggest that Disney+ will hike up the price of its $8 ad-free plan after the ad-supported membership drops.


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